The foundation 

The testing of pharmaceuticals in Germany is a matter for the German federal states. Until 1995, 15 of the 16 states had their own OMCL, which were partly relatively small and integrated into the Chemical Investigations Offices, the State Health Authorities or similar. Only the state of Bremen did not have its own test institute.
The increasing requirements resulting from European Law with regard to the testing of medicinal products, combined with the idea to perform the testing more efficiently in one larger institute, resulted in the signing of a treaty between the States of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein for collaboration in the area of testing of medicinal products. This treaty was the basis for the formation of the AMI Arzneimitteluntersuchungsinstitut-Nord GmbH in Bremen.
Different legal forms were discussed and in expectation of greater flexibility and efficiency, the form of a GmbH (limited liability company) was selected. The institute started its operation on 1 December 1995.

New shareholders

The states of Hesse and Saarland joined AMI as new shareholders on 1.1.2001 and 1.1.2002 respectively.

Change of name to InphA

On 16 January 2013, following registration in the companies register, the name change from AMI-Nord GmbH to InphA GmbH was completed, and with it a new strategic orientation of the company was put into effect. Whereas previously it only worked on behalf of its shareholders, the company has now been given the go-ahead, from 2013 onwards, to offer its expertise to third parties. The prerequisite for this was that the tasks performed on behalf of the shareholders must not be compromised. Further information is available here.

25th anniversary

At the beginning of December 2020, InphA celebrated its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the planned celebrations had to be cancelled. However, to mark the occasion, the Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection issued a press release which you can read here (in German language).